Chicago Music Management is a branding agency based in Montego Bay.

We create brand assets, digital products, web designs and instrumentals.
1. Graphic Design
Executing the brand identity through graphic design.
2. Web Development
Creating a strong online presence with web based programs which aid in building the brand identity.
3. Video Edition
Providing a closer experience to our clients’ supporters by editing behind the scenes videos and photos for our clients.
4. Branding
Ensuring that our clients identity is advertised in a manner that befits the mission he or she is determined to uphold.

About Chicago Music Management

Mission Statement: At Chicago Muzik, we believe that an artiste crafts his or her musical lyrics to be exactly to his or her feelings, experiences and what they would want to get out of life. It is only our duty to see that talent’s full potential and believe in them while guiding them on his or her journey towards that golden vision.

Not only will we help them on their journey we will also expose them to like minded people who can relate to their musical lyrics. Some of us yearn to be understood. Through music we are able to find that connection we need. In fact, it helps us to see that we are not alone in this life.

To work with artistes we are 100% dedicated in marketing and promoting their music and what they (and this company) believe in. Guiding them, cooperating together to develop and enhance their careers to what is beyond what is seen.

Our expertise is not only limited to musicians, but to other creative souls, such as our model, Tamara Henderson. We have provided her with her very own enhancement to her online presence where her supporters can communicate and build a relationship with her.

Our aim is also to closely define and refine our clients brand through design. We have developed their styles and the way they portray themselves.


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